Speltex is a range of high quality rubber materials formulated for the toughest working environments. 
In other pages of this website you will see Speltex used in Minerals processing, Target backing for shooting ranges, shot blasting machines and other specialised applications. 


Speltex – 40 the flagship of the range can be supplied as fully vulcanised sheet in a range of thicknesses or as a fully compounded unvulcanised crepe or as a master batch ready for mixing. 
Speltex can also be extruded, moulded or fabricated into bespoke products to suit many applications. 
Speltex – 40 offers the engineer a near perfect combination of physical properties which will provide optimum performance again and again. 

EXCELLENT WET AND DRY ABRASION RESISTANCE: reliable whatever the conditions  

High cut and tear resistance: tough and dependable 
High resilience: the power to bounce back, time after time after time… 
Up to 800 % elongation: flexibility to spare 
Non marking: because sometimes the evidence of performance is not required 
Sound and vibration dampening: this could be all you need or it could be an added bonus 
Low permanent set: when repeated performance is vital 
Good electrical resistance: one less shock to worry about 
Remains flexible to -40C: can still be relied upon in harsh conditions 

Speltex M54  

Speltex – 40 is available in sheets 10 metres x 1.4 metres and thicknesses from 1.5 mm – 25 mm 
For finer work we offer Speltex M54 a high quality latex rubber in sheets 20 metres x 4 metres and thicknesses from 0.2 mm – 3.0 mm Speltex M54 is available in a variety of colours. 
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